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Growing up, I loved to sing.  My audience usually consisted of empty church pews while my dad practiced his sermons. I loved to play instruments.  I loved to create music.  I loved to worship.

Years later I found myself full of sickness, depression, and struggling with a will to live.  Surrounded by darkness, I no longer believed in the goodness of God.  I stopped creating music or worship of any kind.  My faith withered and I became so, so lost. 

After a year of this, my family reached out. Standing in my kitchen with my arms crossed, they tried to convince me to attend “RECESS”.  After a $100 bribe, I agreed to try out the first meeting.  Little did I know, God would meet me there and begin the process of wooing my  wounded heart back to Him. 

Ever since that first RECESS meeting, my life began to be transformed. As I started the RECESS journey, I learned about my heavenly Father and what His word says.  I learned how to seek Him, and as I did, I found Him, and encountered Love.  I discovered promises for my seemingly hopeless circumstancesI began worshipping again.  In previous years, I had put worship in a box – reserved for Sunday mornings only.  Through RECESS, God began teaching me how to bring worship into every area of my life, and most importantly, into my battles and burdens.  He showed me how I could use praise as a weapon against darkness.  I began to sing His Word, His Truths.  When nothing seemed good around me, I would sing of His goodness.  When I felt pain, I would sing of His healing.  When I felt lost, I would sing of the good Shepherd.  When I felt far, I would sing of how He softens hearts and brings home the rebels.  In moments of despair, I would sing my own songs of deliverance – cries from my heart to His.  Learning how to truly enter into His presence and invite His presence into my darkness brought me healing and freedom I never knew possible. 

After finishing my RECESS journey, I had the opportunity to join the leadership team.  As I’ve led worship for RECESS this past year, God exploded my passion for worship.  I want every daughter to experience the freedom found in His presence.  I want every daughter to know her heavenly Father. . . to be known by Him. . . to be unraveled by Him. . . to be undignified for Him. . . to be loved by Him.  He has put a fire in my soul to stir up the deep wells of creative worship He has put in each of us.

I am continually growing closer to Him and my heart has never been so tender to follow His Spirit.  I am writing you to share that this coming January, I will be going on staff full-time with RECESS as the Worship Coordinator.  In this role, I will help women learn how to seek, encounter, and know the Lord through worship.  God is calling me to raise up more worshippers.  It’s a joy to invite you to be a part of it.  I need the support of my kingdom family, both in prayer and in finances.

  • Prayer Support
    • For strength, wisdom, and humility as I lead
    • A committed team that would receive specific prayer requests weekly. To join, email 
  • Financial Support
    • Monthly need $2,000
    • One-time need $5,000

You can donate online at the link below. You can also mail in a check to 152 Radney Road, Houston, TX 77024NoteIf you are writing a check, please make it out to “RECESS,” and do NOT write anything in the memo. Instead, include a separate note with the check that has my name on it to denote who the donation is for. RECESS is a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you so much for your partnership with me. I am so excited to be a part of all God is doing through RECESS.

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With love,

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