A Journey. RECESS is a twenty lesson journey of learning how to seek after God. We call it a journey intentionally, rather than just calling it a Bible study, because that’s really what it is. It’s the journey of learning how to seek and find His presence. It’s the process of letting go. It’s the process of getting over ourselves (our fears, our hesitations, our reservations, our selfishness, our pride, etc.) and getting into Him, the One who is wonderful and worthy of it all. And it’s the journey of knowing Him and being known by Him more than ever before. RECESS is the process of finding God up close and personally, and by the time RECESS is through, we are confident you will be transformed (2 Cor 3:16-18).

In Person. The RECESS ministry team will lead you and your women through the twenty lessons in person. We value leading in person rather than having you go through the RECESS curriculum on your own because we believe it’s important to be led in this process. We also value the discipleship and prayer coverage the RECESS leaders provide to each group of women who go through RECESS. What if you’re not in Houston? No problem! RECESS may have it’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, but our heart is for women everywhere! So whether you’re in Tennessee or California or England or Thailand, if you have a group of women who want to do RECESS, just let us know, and we’ll see what we can do to get a ministry team out there to equip and lead you further into the heart of God!

Hearers and Doers. Every lesson will begin with a teaching from the Word, and every lesson will end with a time to then put the teaching into practice. We value this structure because it gives us a chance to be not just “hearers” of the Word but also “doers” of the Word. It also gives us a chance to not just talk about seeking God but to actually seek Him and find Him. And this is important because Jesus is not just knowledge or doctrine to attain, but he is a living person who, through the cross and the gift of the Holy Spirit, made it possible for us to encounter and know Him, intimately and personally, every moment of every day!

Meet Often. We value meeting regularly because we believe and have found that something really powerful happens when believers gather regularly to chase after God. In terms of what this tangibly looks like, almost every RECESS group has looked different from the one before. Some groups have met twice a week for 10 weeks. Others have met 5x a week for a month. Our Colorado 2017 group did RECESS over the course of 6 months and had 3 3-day weekend conferences with once-a-week small group meetings in between the conferences. Our Houston 2017/2018 RECESS group met twice a week for ten weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring. We change the model as the Lord speaks and leads. We know this kind of time commitment can feel a bit overwhelming, but trust us when we say it’s worth it. RECESS is designed to be a season of intentional restoration and rest, and though it may pull you away for a while, the purpose is to equip you to be even more fruitful in your life and callings in the seasons to come.

“I would not know the Lord (nor myself!) the way I do now if I hadn’t gone through a season and a process of daily seeking His presence and finding out for myself just how awesome, mind-blowing, fun, worthy and worth it He is. And my desire through RECESS is to provide you that season, too. May RECESS not be just another camp high, but may it be the vessel through which the Spirit of God convinces you to pursue His presence all the days of your life. ” – Kallie Bahorich

To sign up for RECESS, click here. We can’t wait to meet you and to seek after the Lord with you! He really does love us. He really does want us to find Him. And we pray we will all find Him. May God alone be glorified through this ministry and through all of our lives. And may His church become one in His presence and His love. Amen!