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Kallie Foltz Bahorich is the founder of RECESS. From a young age, she had a heart for God and for leading people to Him.  She attended the University of Texas at Austin where she got involved with a campus ministry that trained her in the Scriptures and in ministry. During her college years, God gave her a heart for the nations, and after college, she moved overseas to serve with that ministry in Greece.

That year was truly transformative in her relationship with the Lord. It was there that He led her into the secret place of His presence and began to deposit within her all that eventually became RECESS. Upon moving back to the states, she and her husband moved to Colorado, which is where she and a friend began the RECESS ministry. Though she had not intended on RECESS being a longterm thing when it first started, through leading RECESS, she felt the Lord call her to this ministry for a lifetime. She is now back in Houston with her husband leading the RECESS ministry full-time.

Kallie is a gifted, relatable and knowledgable teacher, and her humility, gentleness, insight and passion for God allow her to come alongside women of all backgrounds and minister to them where they are. She truly loves and cares for each woman personally and fully, and in this, she is able to call forth the daughter, sister and victorious warrior they were created to be.

Her passion is worshipping and leading others to worship God. Her desire is to see people encounter Him, know Him and find themselves in Him. Her vision is to see the body unite through a united pursuit of His presence. And her hunger is to see the kingdom and glory of God.

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