My RECESS Testimony


For those of you who haven’t met me yet, hi! I’m Kallie Bahorich, and I’m the founder of RECESS. I’m a wife, a worshipper and I’m passionate about seeing people come alive in God.

The reason why RECESS focuses on teaching women how to seek God is because learning how to seek God was a big part of my own testimony.Growing up in the faith, I was always told to seek God. I believed that seeking Him was important to knowing Him personally, but if I’m honest, I never really knew how to seek Him. I knew reading the Word was good. And I knew prayer was important. But it still felt like something was missing. I still felt like all my efforts and all my pursuits left me simply knowing more about Him rather than actually knowing Him more. Do you know what I mean? It wasn’t until I moved overseas for a year after college (2012-2013) when all of that started to change.

During that year, He led me through the Scriptures and pointed out the many and various ways that He invites us to draw near and enter into His presence and know Him. He taught me about His Spirit, praise, worship, prayer, intercession, spiritual gifts, to name a few. And as I sought Him in the ways that He was showing me to in the Word, and as I learned how to follow His Spirit more and more, I ended up finding Him — gloriouslypowerfully and intimately finding Him! There’s truly so much I could say about that year with Him as I saw Him, felt Him, heard Him and fell in love with Him in His presence, but in short: He taught me how to seek Him, and He taught me how to find Him, and learning this changed everything.

Whereas before, God felt more like an celebrity, someone I merely knew a lot about but didn’t actually know up close and personally, I came back feeling like He truly was my Father, my Lover, my Comforter and Friend. I came back feeling like I actually knew and was known by Him, and as a result, I was eager to share with others all that the Lord had taught me about seeking Him. So I then began a journey of asking God to help me teach and lead others into His presence. I knew my own testimony of seeking Him and finding Him, but I wanted to learn how to lead other women into their own beautiful process of finding the Lord. That’s when God created RECESS!

Up till that point, I had only shared my testimony of encountering God with a few women. So though I was excited to get to formally teach others at RECESS all God had taught me on seeking and finding Him, I was also a little nervous to do so. I wasn’t sure yet if what He had taught me was going to be fruitful and transformative for other women as well. But it was! It really was. You can read more about what the Lord did that first summer of RECESS in our History, but in short, it was breathtaking. And since then, I’ve continued to watch Him heal, empower, transform and set free hundreds of women as they learn how to seek His presence. Isn’t He wonderful?! And please know that this is not because RECESS is or I am anything special. It’s simply because we serve a God who keeps His promises! We will find when we seek Him (Matt 7:7, Jer 29:13-14), and we will be transformed from one degree of glory to the next when we do (2 Cor 3:18). Amen!

And though I humbly confess that there are others who have taught on similar things with even greater revelation than I will, I do believe the Lord has asked me to teach women what He has taught me and to do so through RECESS. I pray He would use this ministry to bless you and your relationship with Him. May you learn how to seek Him and find Him. May you encounter the truth of His nearness and His love. May you find Him, our Father, Savior, Comforter, Lover and Friend. And may He compel you to love Him and live for Him for a lifetime. He’s wonderful. He’s worth it. He’s with you, and He loves you. I pray that you would know it from deep within.

Love to each and every one of you,


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