to seek is to encounter. to encounter is to know. and knowing God changes everything.

Welcome to RECESS

a ministry that teaches women the tools they need to walk intimately with the Lord for a lifetime


“RECESS has taken me from striving to pursue the things of God to resting in His pursuit of me. It was when I stopped striving that He met me face-to-face. I’m able to confidently say now that God is loving, gentle and kind and that He’s head over heels in love with me, and that just makes me want to know Him more.” – Kristine, Houston Alpha Chapter

“I think there’s a yearning amongst our generation to truly know God. To be world-changers for His glory. RECESS is a tool for women to be able to do so. It pushes you in ways unimaginable, ways only the Lord can. It is a beautiful community of women, each using their gifts the Lord has blessed them with to build the Kingdom. It’s possible for you, too! It’s a decision to embark on the most beautiful journey with our Maker.” – Brynne, Houston Beta Chapter


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